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5 Dec

5th Dec 2015
Billingshurst West Sussex

Durwin Banks the Linseed Flaxseed farmer

Durwin amongst the Linseed

Come and meet Linseed Farmer Durwin Banks from The Linseed Farm with all his fresh produce and knowledge. 

Therapy with LinSEED POWER!

Durwin’s journey with Linseed (Flaxseed) has enabled him to understand the kind of oils and fats we need to keep ourselves fit and well, and the kind of oils and fats we need to avoid!  You can also come and experience Seed Power by simply placing both hands in our linseed.  You will receive free pleasure, therapy and a grounding experience that releases the three year-old in you!!!

We are now being told by scientists that heating oil is dangerous and causes carcinogenic substances to be made.  This has been well known since the early fifties as a result of work carried out by the German scientist Dr Johanna Budwig.  This was over sixty years ago!  In the meantime there has been such a huge increase in cancer! Why oh why has it taken so long for it to be talked about now?  Come and talk to Durwin at The Linseed Farm about this issue and about the role of linseed in balancing cholesterol levels naturally.  If you can't wait 'til then please get in touch, email: or phone: 01403 731106.

Will farmers become the new doctors and will information on food be the most significant way of dealing with many health issues in future?

Read the full paper here:

On Our Stand:

linseed flaxseed oil fresh cold pressed milled grouns linseed capsules supplements omega 3 6 9


Try and buy fresh linseed products including oil and milled seed.  Crisplins and Flaplins will also be available.

Our new linseed skin cream is used for hydrating and soothing and is best used as a night cream.

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omega 3 linseed flaxseed capsules

Our Inside Out-side Body Pack of 120 Linseed Oil Pods and a 50g tub of Skin Cream - RRP £27.95