Wisborough Green Farmers Market - August 2016

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11 Aug

11th Aug 2016
Wisborough Green, West Sussex

A wonderful opportunity to purchase fresh produce from your local farmers and to support local businesses, the Farmers' & Village Market also offers the occasion to meet friends in a lively and vibrant environment. Held in the Village Hall on the second Thursday of the month (not in January), from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, a wide variety of up to 30 stallholders attend with a vast array of produce on offer. Come along and support your local businesses and help the environment too by not travelling out of the village. Tea and coffee provided by Macmillan.

Wisborough Green Farmers Market

Wisborough Green Farmers Market - Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Linseed Products including fresly cold-pressed oil and ground linseed.

The Linseed Farm Produce