The Linseed Farm and Flaxland - Workshop III

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15 Apr

15th Apr 2017
The Linseed Farm, Muntham, Barns Green, Nr Horsham, RH13 0NH

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Flax fibres ready for spinning

Our third annual workshop with our dear friends from Flaxland. Where we will be covering all things Linseed, whilst Flaxland will be covering all things Flax! You will even get hands on with the breaking, scutching and hackling.

Confused and interested?
linseed farm talks about linseed and flax

Durwin Banks at The Linseed Farm

Limited numbers allowed to this event due to the size of venue.

We will be supplying a full ploughman's lunch and refreshments through out the day. Email for an itinerary of the day.

stooks of flax at the linseed farm

Stooks of Flax

A small piece of information relating to Flax Production during World War II.

The peak year of the war effort for flax production was 1944. 62,000 acres were grown in England and Wales, 124,000 acres in Northern Ireland as well as countries of the Commonwealth such as Australia. This all contributed towards the production of 26,500 miles of hosepipe | 20,000 miles of parachute webbing | 54 million square yards of linen aeroplane fabric | 25 million square yards of heavy canvas | 75 million yards of 'blitz' fabric | 35 million yards of canvas | 9 million yards of scrim for packing and camouflage | millions of pounds weight of thread, twine, netting and cordage. 
flaxseed linseed oil milled ground supplements

Linseed Oil, Milled Linseed & Supplements from The Linseed Farm

And a small piece of information relating to Linseed 

Muhatma Ghandi said "Wherever linseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health". 

The Linseed Farm and Flaxland - Workshop III