Olympia Beauty 2017

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1 Oct

1st Oct 2017 to 2nd Oct 2017
Kensington Olympia, London UK

This is one of our biggest and best shows of the year.  Brimming with amazing products, services and information.  Olympia Beauty is the must go place if beauty is what you are in to.

Our products are really all about beauty from within.  Our clients return year on year, month on month to purchase our super nutritious and uniquely fresh linseed products rich in omega 3.  Omega 3 is essential to all your 80 trillion cells that make you, so eat linseed and be beautiful inside and out.

linseed flaxseed flax seed oil cold-pressed organic healthy fresh unrefined pure ground milled meal

Linseed (Flaxseed) Products for sale at Olympia Beauty

Olympia Beauty 2017