Floral fringe 2018

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2 Jun

2nd Jun 2018 to 3rd Jun 2018
Floral Fringe, Knepp Castle, Shipley, West Sussex

An eclectic, quirky, foodie, arty, plantaholics wildlife event with a vintage twist! Set on the 1,416 hectare Knepp Estate which is the subject of an amazing Wildland Project. The fair is prettily positioned in front of the John Nash designed Knepp Castle, built in 1806 for the present occupants, The Burrell Family.


Linseed (Flaxseed) Farmers L-R Gay Banks, Durwin Banks and Wendy Dorkings (siblings and partners at The Linseed Farm)

Linseed (flax seed) farmers and organic processors: siblings Durwin Banks, Gay Banks and Wendy Dorkings run The Linseed Farm as a family partnership in Barns Green near Horsham, West Sussex. They are actively involved in the day to day running of the farm and love working together as a team producing the finest cold-pressed linseed oil and ground linseed to their customers across the UK and beyond.

Linseed Oil, Linseed Meal and Linseed Supplements from The Linseed Farm

We come from a long tradition of farmers and started growing and pressing Linseed in the year 2000. We believe we're the only farmer growing, pressing or milling our seed and selling it direct to the public. Our Unique Selling Point and key is freshness. Our customers have told us that no other oil they have tried comes close to our fresh oil.

Floral fringe 2018