Durwin and Wendy

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The Linseed Farm Products

Linseed (flax seed) farmers and organic processors: siblings Durwin Banks and Wendy Dorkings run The Linseed Farm as a family partnership in Barns Green near Horsham, West Sussex.  They are actively involved in the day to day running of the farm and love working together as a team producing the finest cold-pressed linseed oil and ground linseed to their customers across the UK and beyond.

We come from a long tradition of farmers and started growing and pressing Linseed in the year 2000.  We believe we're the only farmer growing, pressing or milling our seed and selling it direct to the public.  Our Unique Selling Point and key is freshness.  Our customers have told us that no other oil they have tried comes close to our fresh oil.

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1900's Family Farming in Sussex

Which is why we are so passionate about linseed and are proud of all the linseed products we supply and the health benefits that they continue to provide you.

We really care about our produce and You. Customer Service is a high priority for us. We are always delighted to chat to anyone, answer their questions about Linseed (also known as Flax seed), its nutritional benefits and to handle your general enquiries.  We hold regular events at the farm so please keep an eye out for these.

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The Linseed Farm

Durwin often speaks at events around the country and is fanatical and passionate about sharing his knowledge of Linseed and Flax as well as the abuse of Oils and Fats. Check out our  events page , to see where we will be selling, exhibiting or speaking near you. If you're local and would like to buy any of our products you can visit us but please call first to ensure we are here.