The Linseed Blog

20 Jul

The Magic and Mystery of Soap

Keep clean, green and be environmentally friendly, the naturally soapy way! When we set out to make soap using linseed grown on the home farm, we had no idea what an historic path we were on.

1 May

Local Producer Spotlight: Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse

Farmers supplying a commodity product to a faceless food industry get used to not receiving any of the recognition that big brands have with the public. Food ingredients are all listed on the back of the pack and there might be a stamp telling you where they were grown – in the EU or the UK perhaps – but that’s as close as we get to a namecheck.

31 Jan

Catching the zeitgeist

The ethical consumer, vegan skin care and the creation of The Linseed Cream

1 Dec

Durwin Banks interviews nutritionist and food specialist Charlotte Palmer

Top London Nutritionist Charlotte Palmer is interviewed by farmer and food campaigner Durwin Banks

17 Feb

Understanding Fats Part 2 with Durwin Banks at Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017

Durwin Banks is a Linseed Farmer or Flaxseed Farmer to others. In this presentation at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017 Durwin talks about his journey with linseed (flax seed) and how he has learnt about the important role of essential fats, more specifically Omega 3 and how we all need to understand how important this fat is to our all round health.