September 2013

Watercress Walnut Pear and Roquefort Salad drizzled in Linseed/Flaxseed Oil

This salad is simply delicious - serves 2 for lunch or keep it all to yourself! Toasting the walnuts really brings out their flavour and adds great depth to this recipe

Hummus with Linseed/Flaxseed Oil

Get the most out of your linseed (flax seed) oil. This tasty little snack will keep for a couple of days in the fridge, so make some for dipping peppers and raw vegetables before supper tonight, and finish off over lunch tomorrow!

Linseed/Flaxseed Oil Banana Smoothie

Banana is a great source of potassium add linseed/flaxseed oil for omega 3 that puts the smooth in smoothie! We are great fans of smoothies here at The Linseed Farm

Fruit Milkshake

A great way to start your day, or as a snack at any time to stave of those hunger pangs between meals.

Healthy salad vinaigrette

Try this salad vinaigrette for another twist to add in some Linseed Oil to your diet. It works with any salad combination - or just add it to some grated carrots for a simple but tasty dish.

Courgette caper salad

The use of our linseed/flaxseed oil in this recipe gives you a short chain Omega 3 that gives this healthy dish a real edge.

Winter Vegetable Soup

This hearty and warming winter vegetable soup can be made with just about any vegetables that you may have at home. Try varying the vegetables to your own taste. It’s absolutely delicious with some fresh crusty bread and a real treat if you have been outside in the cold weather!

Tomato salad with a linseed dressing

This is a delicious and simple way to enjoy fresh tomatoes of all shapes and sizes. Try to use locally grown tomatoes, or even better, grow your own to get that just picked taste. The salad is delicious served with cheese and a hunk of fresh bread. Serves up to 4 people.

Three Root Mash

Any time of year is the perfect time of year to enjoy this delicious three Root mash recipe. Serve with baked trout or cod, or simply eat it on its own! This serves four people as a side dish, or two hungry people as a main course.

Delicious Winter Smoothie with linseed/flaxseed oil

Short chain omega 3 linseed/flaxseed oil added to smoothies are a fabulous way to get your omega 3, vitamins and nutrients, all packed into one glass and a great way of getting your kids to eat their greens – they won’t even realise that they are doing their bodies so much good!

Linseed/Flaxseed Oil Vinaigrette/Salad Dressing

Nowadays, salads are for all seasons and this delicious nutty linseed vinaigrette will pep up any salad. It takes just seconds to make and probably minutes to devour! The salad is delicious served with cheese, or cold meats or how about a hunk of freshly made bread to mop up those delicious juices.

Super Salsa

Very good with vegetable fritters e.g. courgette and feta, sweet corn and spring onion and barbecued meats, fish etc. Thank you to our customer Paul Bawcutt for this recipe.

Linseed Muesli breakfast

This is a satisfying breakfast and because of the hormonal action of the linseed it can help you maintain a balanced diet. Menopausal systems can be alleviated and with a few changes to the rest of the diet, some exercise (maybe just fast walking) getting those pounds off can be easier and enjoyable.


Our Flaplins are made with freshly milled linseed (flaxseed) Rich in Omega-3, Soluble Fibre, Protein and Lignans and are super tasty! This recipe can be amended to include cranberries or any dried fruit you prefer. Simply add the fruit to the dried mixture. We suggest a couple of tablespoons.