Linseed Oil Pods - From £7.75, available in three packet sizes.

The Linseed Farm is always trying to improve all aspects of selling fresh linseed products direct.  We upgrade our pressing and milling equipment as we go along.  We have improved our computer and management systems and improved our on line payment security so you may buy with confidence that your transaction will be safe. We are keen to be as environmentally sensitive as we can and use as much recyclable packaging as possible.  We are always looking to do better.  Our aim is first class customer service in every way.

Linseed Farm Recipes

Linseed Tea (Flaxseed Tea) - An Invigorating boost of Omega 3 from Linseed/Flaxseed

Linseed/Flaxseed is a healthy super food and can be used to make tea, which is great for chesty coughs - We we…

Welcome to the Linseed Farm

The Linseed Farm was founded in 2000, initially under the brand name of High Barn Oils. Today, we sell linseed oil, pods and and other linseed products all over the country, all produced from the linseed grown on our farm in Sussex.

The Benefits of Linseed

Linseed has many different health benefits.
Linseed is one of the richest sources of omega 3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), containing over 50% omega 3. Because it’s plant based, it’s a great vegetarian and vegan source…

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What people are saying about our Natural Linseed Cream

"I have really sensitive skin and can break out in an acne type infection if I use a product my skin rejects. So, I am always sceptical and cautious to apply anything to my face. This has been fantastic! Absolutely no adverse reaction. It goes on really well in a matter of seconds and is easily absorbed.
Very nourishing, without being greasy or over-rich. For an older skin it ticks all the boxes!" – Lynne

"I am using the unscented version of the Linseed face cream. I have mature dry skin and find that your cream is beautifully nourishing and moistening. It is instantly absorbed, is not heavy at all, lasts all day and yet only a small amount is needed each time I use it. So not only is this the very best face cream that I have ever tried but it is actually also very economical in use and is environmentally and friendly too and no nasty additives. So fantastic work thank you. Well done!" - Jennifer

"Miracle vegan skin cream! I recently had a plaster cast removed from my hand and lower arm and my skin was wasted, wrinkled, dry and peeling. Your Natural Linseed Cream restored it in two days, applying only a small amount morning and night... quite astonishing. I was expecting such an intensively rehydrating cream to be heavy and greasy, but it's light and works into the skin really quickly, making it equally fabulous to use as a regular face cream." - Sue